Precious Stones For Fashion: Set Your Trend

Gone are the times when precious stones were only used to signify an engagement or marriage. It has now become an accessible luxury which can also set a style statement. Even though most often, precious stones are looked upon as the best way of symbolizing the union of two lives, there is absolutely no reason as to why one should not treat themselves to one of these beauties. The trends in fashion when it comes to precious stones are ever evolving and designers come up with various new styles each day. Here is how you can become a trendsetter with a sparkling rock on yourself.

Make your own statement

In the recent past, designers have created ingenious methods of enhancing the appeal of large sized precious stones by also giving them the correct mounting. There are many different metals to choose from such as gold, silver or platinum. You can create a trend by combining white or colourless stones with those that have various shades.  There are even stunning black coloured precious stones, which if you can afford, can make you really stand out. Yellow and white as well as white and brown are other uncommon yet classic colour combinations that you can try out when you go to jewellery retail shop Hong Kong.  Some of the lines worth exploring are styles inspired by Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian and Art Nouveau. Another way to stand out is to invest in an entire set rather online pharmacy no prescription than a single stand-alone piece.

Think outside the box

Most women feel the trepidation that the piece they get for themselves would resemble an engagement or wedding band.  Instead of worrying about whether this would be confusing, meet a dealer who offers quality gems for sale that are of unique style and setting which will contrast to a wedding or engagement band.  Also, bear in mind that if you are treating yourself, the piece you purchase does not have to be limited to a band. What about a pair of gorgeous earrings or a pendant instead? Even a bracelet would enhance your features greatly.

The more the merrier

A single precious stone in the right setting will seriously flatter you. However, if you can take the splurge without damaging your finances, why not go for a few more of those sparkly beauties? If you can meet the correct designer, they can bring together clusters of stones with a finesse that is nothing short of radiant. You can customize your piece to include different cuts and colours as well. Always colour outside the lines when it comes to fashion. Don’t be afraid to test the boundaries a little bit and stand out from the crowd. Make your choice display a part of your personality. That’s how trends are created.