Commonly Asked Questions About PADI Certification And The Answers.




The people who have interest in the scuba dive and wants to go for it either as an adventure or acquire it as a vocation must need to pass the PADI test to acquire the PADI certification but there are many questions which are confused over and it is important that you learn about this beforehand. Some people opt for the courses which are not registered by the PADI and then these cannot be used for any diving and perhaps you will learn to scuba dive but not have the padi certification and without the certification you cannot practice even for the recreational purposes so it is essential that you get the training at a certified scuba dive site.  

How long does the PADI open water course last? 

It depends on your skill and knowledge, some people go for the 3-day practical training in which everything is quick and taught in a little time but if you are not that confident then you could set the 4 or 5 days practical training.  

What does PADI test questions are like? 

In order to get the PADI certification you have to not only demonstrate the practical skills but also the theoretical knowledge and for this the PADI will provide you with the material consisting of videos and books that you have to read and memorize and then there would be test from this and questions are generally from this material and nothing out of it so if you read it carefully you are easily able to pass this step. 

PADI certification practical test: 

The practical test consists of swimming in the 200-meter deep water for around 10 minutes. It also consists of assembling the scuba equipment and then there is a pre dive safety check as well. The scuba dive based in Perth gear test includes the inflation and deflation of BCD as well as clearing out the snorkel, swapping of snorkel, performing a descend from the underwater, clearing out the regulator water, use of SPG for signalling, clearing the mask, determining the meaning of hand signals, taking off the scuba dive gear properly and many other similar tasks usually all the tasks which have been taught to you in your training. Usually there are total of 4 dive tests in which you have to demonstrate all of the acquired skills. 

Tips on passing the PADI open water: 

Important tip is to keep on breathing and never try to hold your breath, the mind tricks you for holding the breath when you are underwater even when you have the oxygen mask, but sometimes when the mask floods with the water then rise to the top immediately. Secondly, practice is very important, the more you practice the more confident you get. Some people may feel sick during initial training but it is natural and once they get comfortable underwater, the sickness goes away.